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Cereal grain milling machine

Gasoline Milling Machine

The machines from Guangzhou Xulang Machinery Co.,Ltd have passed national quality supervision inspection treated as assured product with priority.Since this kind of gasoline milling machine was sold in the market,it reveals some practical problems according to customers’ operation.Technology team has tested repeatedly on design,material,  performance and overall outlook.Passing further improvement for many times,gradually promote fabrication workmanship of parts and gradually improve workmanship procedure of machine assembly.Basically,it all refreshes and upgrades the next generation every 1.5-2 years in order to truely and completely solve these shortcomings related to other suppliers in producing same equipments in common,such as insufficient fineness in milling powder,blocking machine,low yield and high noise etc.The purpose of upgrading new generation is to simultaneously ensure smooth in loading&unloading,low noise and meet operating requirements of most of customers.


旭朗汽油磨粉机工厂直供价:3600 ( Gasoline Milling Machine: EXW RMB 3600/set )

Since July,2012,Xulang machinery is to meet the requirements of mobile trade merchants and innovatively develops & manufactures gasoline milling machine which is gasoline motor+milling machine.This machine may disconnect power supply by gasoline motor transmission,which is suitable for mobile operation of milling powder.People can adjust rotating velocity of the machine by controlling motor’s accelerator.The choice of purchasing accessories always insists on more excellent and better principle and resolutely prevent purchasing worse and cheaper parts.The whole machine including gasoline milling machine is one-year warranty.Compared to other trade companies or online shops,Xulang machinery is a factory which has strong technology,staff storage and complete considerate after-sale service system.Xulang machinery promises all of customers to supply perfect products and life-time repairing after-sale service.Customers succeed in enjoying service without worry in the coming days.If the machine quality defect is confirmed during the period of warranty,the company offers free parts and maintenance service.If the machine is beyond the warranty,customers only pay the cost of parts.

主要性能特点:( Main performance and features:

1.The machine body shell is made of advanced stainless steel 304 and precisely fabricated,which is beautiful and generous,anti-rusty and remains consistent with GMP requirements.

2.More sanitary

1Increasing 4 strong magnets better absorb iron powder producing during the period of machine transmission.

2There is no lubricant oil ( grease )to be coated in the milling cavity.So,milled materials are not polluted thus guarantee the sanitary safety of foodstuff and medicine.

3.Enhancing fabricated workmanship of machine’s accessories and improving assembly procedure of the machine,reduction of noise,feeding smooth,faster loading,unblocked materials,finer milling powder,no powder dust.

4.Throwing materials production,high efficiency.

5.Simple and convenient operation.

6.Wide scope of application:It is suitable for currently processing kinds of whole grains in supermarket,mall,shop.It is used to process traditional Chinese medicine herbs in pharmaceuticals production factory,hospital & clinic etc,especially,used in mobile operation.


Working principle:Milling machine depends on interactive milling and rotating between two milling blades of full of teeth ditches to mill materials into powder dust.


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