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universal grinder

Universal Grinder Machine ( teeth disc )

This kind of universal grinder machine made of stainless steel,is usually used to grind materials in pharmaceuticals,chemicals,foodstuff etc.Forbidden grinding inflammable and explosive materials. This machine is not suitable to pulverize high oily materials such as sesame,walnut,melon seed, rapeseed etc and sticky materials.As these materials with oil and viscosity are easy to be blocked in the sieve mesh of grinding cavity.


Working principle:

This kind of universal grinder machine adopts the advanced stainless steel 304 to design and equip with motor of international standard. The pulverizing machine is mainly used to grind chemical materials,TCM herbs including tree roots,tree branches and granular objects,and low oily grains,whole grains & other rigid and brittle materials.The machine makes use of high speed rotation between the motive teeth disc and the fixed teeth disc,which can produce impact,friction, the mutual collision among materials during the processing of grinding cavity to grind materials.Finished powder directly discharges through the outlet from the grinding cavity.After finishing pulverizing the materials,common powder will be collected by cloth bag.Air in the cloth bag will be gone out under pressure through small pore and fine powder wont be brought out,thereby nothing is in waste and in pollution.The size of granularity is based on sieve meshes.The features of the machine is simple,firm,stable and there is fast,uniform and good in grinding materials.The whole machine is made of stainless steel.The teeth grooves in the grinding cavity are designed by precise mechanical equipment.The surface of teeth is smooth and cleaned easily.On comparison to the common grinder machine,whose interior wall is coarse,easily accumulated and cleaned difficultly.In order to avoid these shortcomings,choosing this kind of grinding machine can meet national standard and reach GMP sanitation requirement in the fields of foodstuff,pharmaceutical and chemicals etc.


1. When the machine is connected to exterior voltage,please ensure to fix the proper fuse breaker device according to the machine power supply.When the machine works overheat and over-current,the power supply will be shut down automatically to protect the motor.

2. After the machine starts working,please make sure that somebody is in charge of the whole process.

3. Please make sure that the particles size can meet grinding standard.If the feeding particles are big,the rotating speed of motor will work more slowly and more slowly,even stop working.At that time,please cut the power supply off immediately.

4. If the feeding particles are big,please use the crusher machine to crush into small particles first and use the grinder machine to pulverize the small particles again.

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